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The Real Issue

Escape from Camp 14: One Man's Remarkable Odyssey from North Korea to Freedom in the West - Blaine Harden

When North Korea ever pops up in the news, the items usually covered are about a buffoon-like dictator, the absurd show of brainwashing (real or staged) of many of its people, and the threat of it getting a nuclear bomb. But the truth is far more serious. Because the grim reality is North Korea is the world's biggest prison and the inmates are the majority of its people. It is a slave state. And the world bears a responsibility for not doing anything to liberate the oppressed North Koreans.

This book is one of the most powerful I have read in recent years, along with "Nothing to Envy". The force of this book is the chronicle of one man who was born and raised (if that can be called the right term) in one of North Korea's brutal concentration camps (yes, dear, concentration camps still exist in this world today), where life is cheap and the system eventually kills you. But not if you don't let it defeat you. His escape in 2005 is one of the most amazing feats in modern history and deserves to be told in every corner of the planet so as to continue to shed light on the most evil system in the world to this day.

Screw the so-called nuclear threat. North Korea is doing enough damage to the whole of humanity by its gross human rights violations. If not for the North Korean refugees who miraculously escaped from their prison country, the world might not have known about them. When will the world wake up and do something?